Too many people off at the same time?

Not anymore. Our Holiday feature makes approving or rejecting holiday requests quick and easy. You don’t have to manage your holiday requests the old-fashioned way by hand with a ton of paper forms and boring complex calculations.

You can manage holidays for your team members or even for yourself if you work as a freelancer. Your employees will be able to view the annual leave they have booked or already taken through the year and see how many days they have left.

Holiday Management For Employers

As long as you manage your staff right and have them plan their holiday days in advance you shouldn’t have any problems due to staff shortages.

All the holiday requests and approval workflows are automated within the platform. You can view and approve submitted requests with one click, even if you live half the world away from your team. With 24/7 easy access to your holiday records, see at a glance who is off and when, and what allowances should your team members have.

Holiday Management For Remote Workers

Here’s where you can plan your annual leave in advance and submit requests for days off directly to your employers. When approved, your leave will appear directly in your calendar. All of your holiday days are calculated automatically and you can check out the remaining ones anytime you want.

Holiday Management For Freelancers

One of the biggest advantages of working as a freelancer is that you can theoretically take time off whenever you like, without asking anyone for it.

But, informing your clients about your holiday plans will make them appreciate you and your work even more. That’s why we recommend you to manage your days off with our Holiday feature, so your clients know exactly when you’re working and when you’re not.

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