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How can you help Employers?

We provide full reporting and accounts assistance to help you manage your tax and employment situation. Focus on your work, and we take care of the admin.

Global Payroll
Send invites in bulk and manage all the payroll across various countries with just a couple of clicks. Your employees will receive their salary in the bank account in their local currency.

Work With Contractors
When you hire independent contractors for your projects, you can easily send them payments with our Native Teams invoicing tool.
Native Teams offers employer of record services so that you as a company can hire without a local entity.

Global Payroll Services
We provide hassle-free payroll solutions in 40+ countries. We have people on the ground which makes payroll EASY for you, both international and local.

International & Tax Compliance
We make it easier to employ and pay overseas team members than it is to manage those in your backyard. Use our platform and we handle all compliance, payments and employment.

Work Permits & Visas
We offer easy access support for visa applications, work permits and travel documentation through Europe and beyond. Work remotely from any of the countries we support.

Updated on: 26/12/2022

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