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How many cards can my clients use to pay my payment requests?

When it comes to the payments you are receiving, there are rules applied.

* You can send payment requests and client invoices to multiple clients.
* Your clients can pay online with a card or via bank transfer.

In both cases, they should use cards and accounts they can prove they belong to, if requested from our side.

The cases where we can ask for more proofs when it comes to usage of multiple cards are the following:

* If your client is paying your invoices topping up your Native Teams wallet with more than 3 different cards.
* If your client is paying your invoices from more than 3 different bank accounts.
* If you have multiple clients to whom you have sent invoices or payment requests and some of them use the same cards to pay them.

Please note that in these cases you will be asked to provide a contract or a type of document that will show that you and your client have a mutual agreement for a certain service and if needed you will have to submit a proof that the cards they have used belong to them.

*This applies to those payments that have been done with more than 3 different cards and when different clients have been using the same cards.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact support.

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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