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What are Wallet to Wallet transfers?

Have you ever been in a situation where you instantly wanted to cover a certain business expense? Or perhaps you needed to convert your funds into a different currency for an online purchase?

We understand that transferring and converting money can sometimes take longer than expected, that’s why we added new functionality in our Virtual Wallet - Wallet to Wallet Transfers.

From now on, you can transfer or convert funds between different wallets or organizations easier than ever before.

Transfer Your Funds Between Different Wallets Or Organizations

Wallet to Wallet transfers

Do you want to transfer some funds from your EUR wallet to your USD wallet or the other way around? Now you can easily transfer between wallets with different currencies.
It works for organizations too! You can now also transfer from your private wallet to your organization’s one.

Wallet to Employee transfers

Do you want to pay your team members right away? As an Employer, you are now able to send instant transfers from your organization’s wallet directly to the wallets of your team members.

You also have an option to do a Batch Transferring from your organization. That means that you can transfer the money to more users at the same time.

We are constantly adding new features to our app to make Native Teams even better and more convenient for all of you.

Are you missing any features from Native Teams or would you like to send us some feedback? Please feel free to contact us.

Updated on: 27/12/2022

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