Working with a global team can sometimes feel like a challenge, and we’re here to help in any way we can. We are at your service!

* Desk booking
Collaboration is the software, coworking is the hardware. We are collaborating with coworking spaces around the globe to make your work much more enjoyable and fun. Seaview, mountain view or an office full of entertainment? These and much more with Native Teams. Work from any of our Co-Working office partners. Use it locally - somewhere to sit that isn’t home! - and Globally, when a change of scene beckons!

* Visa and Travel assistance
Are you planning to travel or work from your dream country? Save yourself a headache from planning your move with our Visa and Travel Assistance feature.
Getting your visa to work abroad takes time but can be a surprisingly simple procedure with our assistance. We help you with the entire process and you don’t have to worry about anything. We offer you easygoing worldwide support for your visa application and travel documentation.

* Software and Hardware Provisioning
Do you have a team that works remotely and need new hardware or software?
You don’t have to worry about making any plans to buy it or get transport to the country you have your employees.
We operate in the country you need to sent that computer, so all you need to do ia ask for our provisioning service.

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