Through the Employed Status feature, you can set up and have an overview of your payroll.

Once you select the country you want to pay your taxes in* you can determine how much salary you want to receive each month directly to your bank account. We even have a salary calculator for you to figure out all the numbers (we understand how tricky and confusing these can be).

Next up, you should provide us with some basic information, documents and bank details so we know where (and how much) salary to send you each month.

Once you’re done with the payroll setup, one of our team members will get in touch with you to finalize everything needed.

Voilà, and you’re properly employed through the Native Teams “Employed Status” & our local entities. It honestly couldn’t have been any easier!

Read more about Native Teams "Payments" here.

*currently available only for the residents of North Macedonia and Serbia, but hold on tight; we’re expanding fast!
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