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What solutions do you have?

We are empowering freelancers, remote workers and their employers with global work payments, payroll and tax management solutions, including employee benefits, visa support and employment tools.

For individuals - All in one account for all your remote work needs!

Whether invoicing clients, receiving funds, sending payments or looking to get properly employed, everything can be done from one single platform through Native Teams. All of this with full compliance and flexibility.

For businesses - Employment as a service, simplified!

We help you to grow your business, hire, pay and manage your global team without having a local legal entity in 55+ countries worldwide. Our employment and work payments solutions fit any company with any number of international employees. We provide tax reporting and accounting support, offering expert assistance to effectively guide you through the process.

Visit our website to learn about Native Teams features here, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Updated on: 22/07/2023

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